JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Trying to contact Edouard Mitelsbach re FILUT family #general

Alison Greengard <aligreengard@...>


Edouard Mitelsbach contacted me re: the JewishGen Family Finder,
but my reply to him bounced back.

I want to notify him that I do have FILUT relatives >from
Ciechanow, Plock, Poland.

If anyone has an alternate email address for Edouard, please
respond to me privately.

Thank you.

Alison Greengard
Lakewood, Colorado, USA

GREENGARD - Virbalis, Lithuania; NEUMANN, Lissa (Leszno, Poland);
KOSMINSKI - Kempen (Kepno, Poland); WEBER - Kachau (Kosice,
Slovakia); HALPHEN - Metz, France; ARON - Phalsbourg, France;
KAPLAN - Slonim and Baranovichi, Belarus; ARON - Uzventis and
Sauliai, Lithuania; AARONS - Riga, Latvia; FILUT - Ciechanow,
Poland; WISZN - Ciechanow, Poland

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