Census 2000 and Ethnic Ancestry #galicia

Judy and Gary Floam <gfloam@...>

For those of you who did not get the long form for the census, it has two
questions about family background (for each person in the household):

Q. 6 is "What is this person's race?" Choices are: White, Black/African
Am./Negro, American Indian/Alaska Native (print name of tribe), Asian
Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Other Asian (print
race), native Hawaiian, Guamanian/Chamorro, Samoan, Other Pacific Islander
(print race), and Some other race (print race).

Q. 10 is "What is this person's ancestry or ethnic origin?" ("For
example: Italian, Jamaican, Afrian Am., Cambodian, Cape Verdean, Norwegian,
Dominican, French Canadian, Haitian, Korean, Lebanese, Polish, Nigerian,
Mexican, Taiwanese, Ukranian, and so on."}

You can see >from the above that "Jewish" or "Jewish-Ashkenazic" would be the
most reasonable response for a Galizianer to put on Question 10, but it's
not clear that the Census Bureau would accept that. Maybe they need to be
lobbied by some "official" organization?

Judy Floam
Baltimore, MD

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