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The Becker's Email

Dear Genners,

My husband's ggm Sarah BOWMAN [originally BAUMAN] is buried in
Rochester, NY in Britton Road Cemetery. Her tombstone gives her
DOD as 4 April 1918.

I sent a request for the death certificate, along w/ a photo of the
tombstone, to the Monroe County Vital Records office. They were not
able to find a record of her death. I then hired a local researcher
who checked the NY State Archives microfiche for 1917-1919 for BOWMAN
or BAUMAN and couldn't find her.

I should note that many years ago I contacted the NY State
Archives for the death certificate before I knew the DOD, only an
approximate range. They sent me a death certificate for another Sarah
Bowman who died in 1919 who lived in another county and who was married.
The researcher I hired found this death certificate too. My husband's
ggm was a widow.

People have suggested that she might not have died in Rochester.
It doesn't seem reasonable that there would be a tombstone in Rochester
if she didn't die there and wasn't buried there. The NY State Archives
should have her if she died elsewhere in NY. [I did check italiangen
for the NYC area.]

She had three children >from her marriage and two older stepdaughters
from her husband's first marriage.
Her children:
Moses/Morris BOWMAN lived in Tyler Co. West Virginia [1910] and
Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA [1920].
Leah LEVINE lived first in Manhattan then the Bronx [1910 and later].
Rose BLOOM lived in Rochester. (Rose was the youngest.) Rose
married Louis BLOOM in 1905.

Her stepdaughters:
Bessie SANDERS lived in Brooklyn [1910 and later.]
Ida GARFINKLE lived in Bradford, PA initially and then appears in
Brooklyn [1910]. (Ida is hard to trace.) She eventually moved to
Baltimore to a dtr.

I have done searches through both Ancestry and familysearch to see
if I could find Sarah elsewhere but no luck. I even tried just
filling in the DOD and no name and death in the US and no luck.

Sarah immigrated in 1905 and I've found her in the Rochester City
directories for some years, the last being 1913. I've also found
someone I believe is she on the 1910 census for Rochester but
nowhere on the 1915 census. According to my mother-in-law (b. 1915),
Sarah's gdtr, Sarah was very religious and didn't always live w/
her daughter Rose and family; yet my mother-in-law wrote that
Sarah came to Rochester and lived w/ daughter Rose BLOOM and
family until her death when my mother-in-law was about 2 years old.
Given how young my mother-in-law was, it's possible that her
information is wrong but the tombstone seems to verify her information.

At this point, I don't know what do do next. Any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

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