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Judith Singer

Hi - one possibility to consider is that although Cerla disembarked in
Halifax, she was actually headed for the U.S. Have you looked for her
there? Halifax is close to Maine, and I believe the fare to Canada
was cheaper than the fare to the U.S., so she may have voyaged to
Halifax intending to go to Boston or NY or some other location in the
northeastern U.S. (My grandfather sailed to St. John, New Brunswick,
Canada and, according to family legend, then walked to New York City.)

Judith Singer (searching CHARNEY in Lithuania and Belarus, SORTMAN in
Poland and Lithuania)

On Sun, Aug 30, 2015 at 9:27 PM, Barbara Lynn Weintraub
I recently found the family of one of my grandmother's sisters.
Cerla Marja KAC, born 1896, who married Herszek MANDEL. They had 4
children in the years 1913 to 1924. It appears there was a break in
childbearing for World War I. ... I found an outgoing manifest
from Liverpool to Halifax, Canada with the correct name and age
of their oldest child, a daughter named Hinda. It is dated 1937,
so she would have been 24 years old. ...

I've had difficulties doing research in neighboring Canada (!)
and could use some help. I imagine she would either look up
relatives or seek out a synagogue for assistance. ...

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