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Dear Genners

Shanah tovah u briah.A healthy and good new year to you all.

Can anyone help me?

My grandfather Karoly Gewurz z''l (Spelled with German uumlaut) lived in
Bratislava. He served in the 1WW, fighting under Emperor Franz Joseph. He
might be identical to one of the soldiers mentioned as Karoly Gewurz in this
book:" A magyar hadviselt zsidok aranyalbuma : Az 1914-1918-as vilaghaboru emlekere
/ szerkesztette Hegedus Marton. - Budapest : [s.n.], 1941. - 448, 56, 96, IV p.,

This book has lists and commentaries about Jewish Solidiers who served in
the Austrian-Hungarian Army during WW1 .it was newly reprinted in 2013

If anyone of you own or have access to this book, I would like to get in
in contact. My hope is to determine if the person mentioned in this book
was my grandfather. I hope it it also includes a Photograph of him . Thank you from
avraham lapa.
My email is

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