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Rebecca Arslanian

My grandmother passed away on May 16, 2007. Her and her sister were Auschwitz
survivors. My grandmothers name was Gisella FARKAS and her sisters name was Ella.
When my grandmother arrived at the camp, the guards changed her year of birth on
her records to make her older so they wouldn't kill her right away. She never
could remember her real birth year but said she was 12 or 13 years old when she
arrived there. We think her birthday was Sept 25th between the years of 1929-1932.
I believe she said her mothers name was Ester but not sure of her fathers name (may
be Schmuel). She also said that she had a sister named Rivka. My grandmother
always said Rivka was beautiful with a husband and the most beautiful baby. When
Rivka arrived at the camp, the Germans were grabbing her baby but she wouldnt let
them so they shot her, the baby, and the husband. My grandmother said Rivka was
named Miss Hungary in some sort of a beauty contest.

I'm looking for anyone who may have known my grandmother. Or any information

I can send you a photo of her right after the war if you send me a direct email.

Rebecca Arslanian
Long Island, New York

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