JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: A snippet of information about the Gedenkbuch of the Bundesarchiv #general

Joachim Mugdan

Alexander Watson wrote:

With reference to the Gedenkbuch of the Bundesarchiv: people replying
to my requests for information often indicate that "Holocaust victims
listed in the Gedenkbuch are only >from areas that are currently
Germany". This always puzzled me slightly ...
As the introduction to the second edition of 2006 states, the first edition
of 1986 covered only what was then the Federal Republic (West Germany) and
Berlin (East and West), whereas the second edition (and the online version)
covers the entire German empire in the borders of 31 Dec 1937. In addition
to victims who lived in Germany when they were deported, the Gedenkbuch
includes some who were expelled by the Nazis to Poland and France or
emigrated to neighbouring countries and were deported >from there.
Joachim Mugdan
Basel, Switzerland (JGFF Researcher 5749)

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