JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Seeking Information Regarding Dairy Farm In Brooklyn, NY #general

Joyce Eastman

I have been told that a dairy farm existed on Rockaway Parkway in Brooklyn,
NY in the 1930's that may possibly be connected to a family member by the
name of "A. Wank". My uncle indicated on his Emigration Declaration in
Vienna, Austria in 1938 that he would be visiting an uncle name A. Wank
living at 154 Rockaway Parkway. >from my contact with another WANK relative
I was told about a dairy farm that was located in the area of Rockaway
Parkway that may be connected to my "A. Wank", however she did not have any
additional information. I have tried researching online, but have not come
up with any answers so far. Any assistance in finding out more about this
dairy farm, and possibly more about A. Wank is most appreciated.

Please respond privately.

Joyce Eastman
Orange City, FL USA

Vienna, Austria; RUFEISEN: Biala/Sucha/Zywiec/Szare, Poland, Israel, Germany
and Brazil; SCHEIER/ROBINSOHN: Biala/Sucha, Poland and Stanislawow,
Vaj Ujhely, Hungary/Trencin, Slovakia

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