JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: ships from Danzig #general

Carlos Glikson

Roberta Sheps mentioned the ship her great-grandmother sailed on >from Danzig to
Canada as being the "Vedic", and wonders about possible spelling errors in the

The "Ships & Fleets" link at Steve Morse's very powerful One Step search tools
leads to Stephen P. Morse's & Susan E. Swiggum's "Obtaining Details about Ships and
/or Fleets in One Step"

A search there gives one 1917 Vedic (with a maiden voyage as a troopship, but
refitted for commercial service in 1920 and sailing as such at compatible dates for
Roberta's great grandmother trip) described under

Additional info for this same White Star Line "Vedic" appears under

It's a "possible". The short descriptions do not mention Danzig (which does not
mean Vedic never sailed >from there, at least once...) but do mention Canada, and

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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