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Miriam Margolyes <yarrawa@...>

Dear Genners,

While researching the HERSCHMAN family, I found them in the UK 1881
Census. The places of birth in Bohemia, written in Victorian
handwriting, were unreadable to me.

But Wikipedia came to the rescue! On this website:
there is a hugely useful alphabetical list of German & Czech towns.
I found mine - Weiten Trebetisch (Weitentrebetisch): now known as
Siroke Trebcice

"This list was first imported >from the German Wikipedia in 2006; some
German notes remain. Since 2012, hundreds of new entries have been
added, based on a comparison with the official list of the royal
Austrian post offices which were in operation in 1900 (or which
closed earlier), each with the corresponding District code:

91 for those in Bohemia (B,xy), 34 for Moravia (M,xy), 8 for Austrian
Silesia (S,x).

In 1900, the largest number of post-offices in Cisleithania was in
Bohemia: 1434; 656 were in Moravia and 188 in Austrian Silesia. In
2010, the number of municipalities in the Czech Republic was 6250.

There are also links to subpages with listings of the German-language
names of towns and villages in the 14 regions of the Czech Republic,
sorted by the Czech name."

I hope others find this useful. I shall also post on the Austrain-Czech


Miriam Margolyes
South London, UK

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