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Marilyn Robinson

Hi All,

The following are this month's postings that are >from my Jewish
genealogy blog at:

1917-1918 Kiev: List of Jews Killed
1918 Kiev: List of Jews Killed (continued)

1902-1903 Volyn Province Commemorative Book: List of People (#1, #2)

1913 Bratslav Ukraine: Jewish Businesses

1906 Bialystok Pogrom: an Article
1906 Bialystok Pogrom: Snapshots of News Reports
1906 Bialystok Pogrom Victims

Lists of Surnames >from the State Archives of Sumy Ukraine

1723/1724-1811 Bohemia: Census Lists of Jews

1782-1868 Vienna: Jewish Converts to Christianity

1901 Merchants: Bender

Horn (Austria) Jewish Cultural Community

1906 Vilna: 2nd Precinct Voters List (#4)


Marilyn Robinson

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