Gesher Galicia Fundraising for your Research Projects #galicia

Shelley K. Pollero <rkpollero@...>

Gesher Galicia Fundraising Initiatives for your Research Projects

Inspired by the success of many of your Galicia research activities, and
the growing number of Galicia projects now in progress, we would like to
proclaim the “Year of Galicia Research” beginning June 1, 2000. If you
have thought about heading up a project for your Galicia town, or have
said at one time “What we need is . . .”, or “Why don’t they . . .?”,
why not take this opportunity to come forward and take a leadership

Many of you have been hard at work gathering data, acquiring and
indexing records, and translating Yizkor books for your towns or
regions. Little by little, a picture is emerging of a dynamic force
within Gesher Galicia (and the Galicia SIG discussion group) whose
research has been shared with others, whether in The Galitzianer or
online on the various pages of JewishGen or personal web sites.

Many of your projects may require the raising of funds to pay for the
acquisition of paper records or films containing records and/or for
professional translation services, for example. To facilitate the
raising of funds for your Galicia research projects, the Gesher Galicia
Steering Committee (GGSC) has established the Gesher Galicia Projects
JewishGen-erosity Page on JewishGen online.

Thanks to our special relationship with JewishGen, we are able to use
their 501 (c)(3) federally tax deductible status for the fundraising of
your Galicia research projects, if they meet the mission and goals of
JewishGen. When you list your project on this page, 100% of all funds
contributed to your project will be directed to your project.
Contributions are tax deductible according to the laws of your country.

If you are a member in good standing of Gesher Galicia and you need to
raise a substantial amount of money for your Galicia research project,
we invite and encourage you to set up a fundraising project on the GG
Projects JewishGen-erosity Page. For details, please contact Melody
Katz, GG Research Chair.

If you would like to support or contribute financially to a specific
Galicia project, or to the Gesher Galicia General Fund, please visit:

In another initiative, Gesher Galicia plans to award some nominal
monetary grants to members in good standing to help them get started in
raising funds for your Galicia town-based research project. Listing
a project on the GG Projects JewishGen-erosity Page is not required
for consideration of a grant.

If your request is approved, the GGSC will determine the amount of the
grant to be awarded. For more information or to request a GG Research
Grant Request Form, contact Melody Katz, Research Chair.

You may contact Melody Katz by email <MelodyKatz@...> (Subject
line: GG Research) or by postal mail (See member #509 in the GG Family

Shelley K. Pollero, Coordinator
Gesher Galicia
Severna Park, Maryland

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