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Jan Meisels Allen

Dear JewishGen Discussion Group Subscribers:

I am writing again about the surprising announcement by Ancestry regarding
their intention to retire Family Tree Maker.

First, do not panic!

While Ancestry is not going to sell the product past December 31, 2015 they
will continue to support the product for current users -those who purchased
the product by December 31, 2015 -through at least December 31, 2016-more
than a year away. Even after the December 31, 2016 date you may still use
your Family Tree Maker, you just won't get any support >from Ancestry if you
need it. That gives all of us time to make reasoned decisions on what we
want to do.
1. Place our trees on a website-such as Ancestry or another genealogy
website-there are many
2. Review the different type of genealogy products that are available for
desktop computers for those of us who plan to continue to use a desk top

FTM is but one of a myriad of desktop genealogy programs. Below are listed
but a few- it is not a comprehensive list and I am not endorsing or
recommending any in particular. These are in alpha order and those which are
for MACs state that.I don't know if Legacy supports MACs. This is not an
invitation to start a string on which is your favorite desktop software but
only to show that there are other genealogy softwares that you can start to
look at during the one year we have to make our individual decisions on what
to use to replace Family Tree Maker.

(does not support MACs, available in 5 languages)
Heredis for MAC
Legacy Family Tree 8.0 (has
international versions)
MacFamily Tree
Reunion Genealogy Software for Mac's (Version 11)
RootsMagic 7.0

The Ancestry blog is where to express your feelings not JewishGen. In my
initial posting I gave a link to read their announcement which is also their
[or --Mod.]

On 10 December Ancestry posted another response to the thousands of comments
on their blog by users. One of the most important things said in the new
blog entry is that Ancestry is exploring possible relationships with other
desktop software solutions that would make it possible for their products to
integrate with Ancestry. Other of your concerns are also addressed and I
encourage you to read this at:
Original url:

I have no interest in any of the genealogy softwares mentioned above. It is
a personal decision for everyone as to what software is best for them. I
like you, will use the year to make those decisions as to what to do. The
JewishGen Discussion list is not the place to discuss this unexpected turn
of events nor is it the venue to discuss your favorite genealogy software.
The most important thing to remember is not to panic!

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

MODERATOR NOTE: Extended discussion of applications of computers in
genealogy is beyond the scope of this group. This message is posted for
informational purposes only. Please do not reply to the group.

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