JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Seeking information on residents of the Willowbrook Developmental Center - Staten Island, NY #general

Joyce Eastman

I cannot thank everyone enough for the information they have provided
regarding my quest to find information about my cousins who were housed at
the Willowbrook Developmental Center in Staten Island, NY. I have already
thanked each one individually, but wanted everyone on the digest to know how
wonderful it is to be able to present a query on this and the other SIG
digests and obtain such valuable guidance and information. Because of this
wonderful resource I have been able to find out that my two cousins are in
fact alive and well - living in separate group homes. I have been in
contact with their legal guardian at AHRC, who was also gratified to know
that these men in fact have a living relative.

I will make my annual donation to JewishGen, as I do faithfully every year,
as a testament to the hard work of those who run and maintain this valuable
resource and the invaluable information it provides.

Joyce Eastman
Orange City, FL USA

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