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Bob Fitterman

I am working with the translator on the yizkor book for Kosow Poleski.
The question of what to call residents of Kosow Poleski comes up
because it is used in many places in the text, particularly in photo
captions. The translator has suggested using Kosovians. I've looked at
some parallels for other place names and have three ideas of what
might be used for inspiration leading to Kosovian, Kosovite or

Warsaw residents: Varsovian leading to Kosovian
Moscow residents: Muscovites leading to Kosovites
Kosovo (Albania) residents: Kosovar, which could also be used here

The last one, while tempting for inspiration could lead to confusion
outside the context of this book.

I know some people write this place name with a double "s" in English.
Polish place names in the translation are given by their Polish names
at the time the story takes place and for this reason, the name of the
town in the translation has a single "s". For that reason, the
suggested demonyms are all with a single "s" as well.

I'd appreciate any feedback you can give on this topic. Please reply
to me directly unless you feel there is something of broader interest
about your comment on this topic.

Bob Fitterman
New York City

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