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Way back when the Soviet Union seemed to be as eternal as the pyramids
(early 1970's), Israel did not have the diplomatic relations with the
Soviets and was represented in Moscow by the Dutch Embassy. Emigrating Jews
who did not want to risk their documents, e.g. higher education diplomas, to
be confiscated at the border, could give them to the Dutch Embassy personnel
and later retrieve them in Israel. Which agency in Israel received these
documents >from the Dutch and what was the procedure to deliver them to the
olim, is unknown, to me at least.

It happened so that earlier today, after only 36 years of living in America,
my father-in-law shared that he had given to the Dutch some family documents
and letters, going back to the 1920's-1930's. Since we had family in the US,
we did not go to Israel but to America. Nobody ever contacted him and he
never inquired. What happened to the documents, is unknown. Hence the

If anybody knows what was the exact procedure to transfer small personal
items >from the USSR to Israel, and the name of the receiving agency in
Israel, I'd love to learn this.

If there are former Soviet Jews who did transfer their documents via the
Dutch embassy, please share your memories here on the forum or to me
directly if you so wish.

Thank you.

Happy New Year everyone!

Boris Feldblyum
Potomac, MD

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