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Nicole Heymans <Nicole.Heymans@...>

At 08:04 6/01/2016, Rosalind Romem wrote:

Does anyone know where a nice Jewish girl could study medicine in Poland in
about 1868-1875.
She might have studied either med or midwifery in Schwerin an der Warthe so
maybe there would be German records.
I don't know about Prussia, but female students
were not allowed in Polish universities in the
19th century. In fact according to Eliane Gubin
and Valerie Piette in "Emma, Louise, Marie...",
the first female teaching assistant at Universite
Libre de Bruxelles was a Ukrainian who had lived
in Poland and had come to Brussels in the 1890s,
where female students were accepted since 1880, to
take a degree in medecine.

Happy hunting,

Nicole Heymans, near Brussels, Belgium

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