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Yefim Kogan

Dear Researchers,

You may see the list of Jewish cemeteries in Bessarabia/Moldova at the
Bessarabia SIG Website, Cemetery section:

The JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) has now index or/and
photos for 28 cemeteries in our region with total of 38,055 burials.

Here is our progress for two month, since my last cemetery progress report:

We have completed in November and December indexing/photographing of four
*Rezina New Jewish Cemetery, Moldova;
*Ungheni Jewish Cemetery, Moldova;
*Grigoriopol Jewish Cemetery (Moldova, Transnistria, used to be part of
Kherson Gubernia);
*Capresti Jewish Cemetery, Moldova.
You can already find Cemetery reports >from these cemeteries and also list of
Unknown graves. Records >from first two cemeteries are now already uploaded
to JOWBR, and other two will become available in 2016.

Here is where we are with many other cemeteries:

-Ataki - photographed what was possible. There are some parts of the
cemetery in the woods. Before making photos, the sections should be cleaned
up. Maybe someone can organize such effort. Of course some additional
money will have to be collected. That work is outside of scope of
JewishGen. Please email me if you would like to participate.
The translation is in progress.

-Beltsy - did not receive yet promised photos.
-Bessarabka - translation is in progress.

-Brichani - hope be completed in February of 2016.

-Camenca - in progress, plan to finish this month.
-Dubossary Old - in progress.
-Ganshehti - was photographed, but part of the cemetery is not accessible.

-Kishinev Jewish - received almost 800 photos, we have now total of 1,400
-Leovo - translation started.
-Lipkani - be completed in Spring of 2016

-Markuleshti - in progress.
-Rashkov - part was photographed, need donations to photograph the whole
-Rezina Old - in progress.
-Rybnitsa Old - the translation is in progress.
-Strasheni - not yet photographed, but it is our plan.

-Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy (Akkerman), received donation of 115 photos, and more
will come soon.
-Lyublin, (Nemorivka), received several photos of all of remains at the
cemetery - IF ANYONE has photos, or names of people who were buried at
that cemetery, please share with the group
-Dumbroveni, also have a few photos >from all what remains at the cemetery
now - if YOU HAVE any photos >from that cemetery and know people who were
buried there, please let me know

As I pointed many times, the cemetery projects are very important and
urgent. The monuments disappear, the inscriptions became less readable as
we speak, most of the cemeteries do not have any caretakers. If we will not
at least preserve the tombstones in the photographs, in 20 years, there will
not much to see, visit and put stones on.

We need your donations to pay for photos.
We need your help in translation >from Russian and Hebrew.
We need your help in organizing a new cemetery project.
If you know about a cemetery, which is NOT on our list (see above the link),
please let us know about it.

If the cemetery you are interested was not yet photographed or/and indexed,
you can initiate a new project by collecting about 30% of the cost. Email me
if you are interested. If you would like to get a whole list of people
buried in a cemetery - for donation of $100 to Bessarabia-Moldova Cemetery
Project, we will send you the whole list when it is done , before the list
is available at JOWBR.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Yefim Kogan
Bessarabia SIG Coordinator
Bendery, Tarutino, Akkerman, Kiliya - all in Bessarabia, KHAIMOVICH in
Galatz, Romania, KOGAN in Dubossary, Moldova, SRULEVICH in Shanghai, China

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