Re: What is origin of the name Galicia? #galicia


from Encyclopedia Britannica:
Incorporated into Kievan Rus by Vladimir I (Grand Prince Vladimir) in 981,
eastern Galicia (also called Red Ruthenia, or Red Rus), being the country
around Halicz (Galich, or Galych) on the upper Dniester, east of the Zbruch
confluent and west of the headwaters of the San River, became an independent
principality in 1087; during the next century it developed into a rich and
powerful principality. In 1199 Prince Roman of Volhynia, invited by the
Galician boyars (noblemen), ascended the throne in Halicz and united under
his power both Volhynia (or Lodomeria) and Galicia in 1200.

For full article, go to <> (be sure to spell
Britannica correctly, I always try Brittanica first) and in the tiny little
"Find" box at the top of the page enter Galicia and then select the option
for Eastern Europe. This will lead you to the full article.

Jonathan Eisenberg
Minnetonka, Minnesota

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