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Two very useful genealogical resources are now online:

1. Kendler's "Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon ...," Vienna Austria:
F. Rollinger und Moessmer & Schulda, 1905, 1314 pp. is now accessible in full-text
free of charge and anonymously at
as discussed in Kendler's Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon
Can Now Be Searched Online Free of Charge, "Gen Dobry!" Volume XII, No. 4 April 2011,
pp.2 - 3. and Updates on sources by Kendler and Vasmer? "Gen Dobry!,"
Volume XVI, No. 4, 30 April 2015, pp. 3-4.`&mid77
The articles provide an explanation in English on how to use the website.

2. Hamburg American Packet Co. "European Rates of Fare >from the Interior of
Germany Austria and Switzerland to Hamburg and Havre in Connection with
Prepaid Passages of the Steamships of the Hamburg American Packet Company,
" January 1885, No. 20, New York and Chicago:
C. B. Richard & Co. 50 pp. Accessible in full-text free of charge at
as discussed in The Rich Ones Rode in Third-Class Railway Cars to Hamburg or
le Havre, "Gen Dobry!" Volume I, No. 9, 30 September 2008, pp. 2-4. .
The article provides an explanation in English on how to use the website.

Edward David Luft
Washington, DC

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