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Yaron Pedhazur

Dear fellow researchers,

Rabbi Mordechai WEITZ of Kalish (Kalisz) was one of the most important
genealogists before the holocaust. However, only one of his books was published --
Ateret Paz (1937), while other manuscripts have been presumably lost in the war.

These manuscripts are of major genealogical importance, e.g. Matteh Horowitz (on
the Horowitz family), Paz Na'eh (on Pozanan's rabbis), Toledot Rabeinu Ba'al
Tosefoth Yom Tov, another book on the ETTINGA-LANDAU-MARGULIES families, and
possibly more.

I would be interested to know if someone has information on writings that have
"survived" the war, and/or any copies made by others, of the whole books or any
parts thereof.

You can reply privately to: yarpd at yahoo dot com.

Best regards,

Yaron Pedhazur
Tel Aviv, Israel

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