JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Trying to Decipher a Town from a ship manifest #general

Alexander Sharon

Eric J Ellman wrote:
I seek assistance once again. I am trying to decipher a town on a manifest. The
person of interest is Chann Baer Presser on the S.S. Haverford, arriving in New
York on Dec. 27, 1901 >from Antwerp. The manifest suggests Chann was >from the town
of Rudzanso, but it is hard to decipher. It appears his nationality is Galician.
I am looking at Ellis Island image no. 114, manifest stamp possible page 170. In
the 1905 NYS census he is listed as >from Austria.


Town in question is Budanov, Ukraine at 4910 2543. Original town name in Polish is
Budzanow, Tarnopol Province, Austro-Hungarian Empire
Hope this help

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB., Canada

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