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Jeff Miller

Frank FRAIDER arrived at Ellis Island, August 8, 1906, at the age of 19.
The arrival record identifies year of birth as 1887 in a town called
Forokaw, Russia, and a sponsor H. Schoenfeld at 110 Ridge St., NY, NY.

Frank's Petition for Naturalization dated September 22, 1913 said he arrived
from Padulsk and had resided in the U.S> since July 1906, and in Illinois
from August 1912.
His marriage license was dated in Chicago December 10, 1910, and he shows up
in the Chicago City Directory at address 6124 S. May St. He was known to
reside in Chicago for a number of tears until later moving to Los Angeles.

One discrepancy (question) related to his draft registration of June 5,
1917, where he registered in Bronx NY (showing residence in New NY). Family
members are not aware of his having served nor of having relocated back to
New York. The registration identifies his birth place as Ratalia Kominitz,
Russia, date of birth March 20, 1888.

Meeting relatives and researching the family for the past 15 or so years, I
have identified that most family members came >from a town called Kuzmyn
(Kuzmin), not far >from Starokonstantinov.

According to JewishGen's location search results for towns named "Kuzmin",
in 1900-1914 "my" Kuzmin was considered part of the Starokonstantinov
District and Volhynia province, but between the wars it was part of the
Kamenets-Podolski district and Ukraine SSR province. Some references in
records I have obtained for my ancestors cited Kamenets-Podolski, or some
variation or shortening thereof, but these references may have been to the
district rather than the town. The actual town of Kamenets-Podolskiy is
quite distant >from Kuzmin.

I am looking for assistance in understanding the discrepancies noted and
identifying the original towns cited in Frank's arrival and other documents.

Thank you,

Jeff Millar

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