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Jerry Krassner

I recently learned of a Yad Vashem Page of Testimony (PoT) submitted
on 11 October, 1999 by Benjamin Goldshmit of Tel Aviv, the son of
Holocaust victims (which would have made him quite on in years by now).
The PoT was submitted in memory of his mother, Tzipora.

In an on-line real estate check of his address (*** Khisin St, Apartment
3, Tel Aviv), I noted his apartment has been sold several times over the
past 15 years, which I take as an indicator that he has died sometime
after 1999.

My questions- is there a way to identify and locate his surviving
children, or his gravesite/cemetery, maybe via an obituary/death notice?
How would I go about this?

My interest is that my mother was Benjamin's cousin. After World War II,
our family (which came to America in the late 1920s) searched
unsuccessfully for surviving relatives. Benjamin (or his family) would
be a newly found branch of my family tree.

Contact me privately if you want a copy of the PoT (jkrassner@...)

Thank you for any advice or suggestions... Jerry Krassner (Maryland, USA)

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