JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Searching for Maurice WEIS(S)MAN? #general

ronald Wallace

I am searching for someone called Maurice who's last name was either WEISSMAN
or WEISMAN or his Mother was a nase Weis(s)man. He was the child of one of
four siblings all of whom perished in the Holocaust. Their names were Israel,
Abraham, Sabina and Macia Weisman.

He would have been born in the early 1930's or thereabouts in The Romania/
Moldova/Ukraine area. Having lost both his parents in the Holocaust, He
contacted his Uncle Michael Weisman (the 5th Sibling) in the UK sometime after
the 2nd World War, and stated he saw his parents taken away.

Anyone with any knowledge of this person, please contact me privately

Thank You

Ronald Wallace
Apollo Beach, FL

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