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85 Ridge St, is in New York ED 283
I found the street and the building on Ancestry using Steve Morse One
Step ED finder, and on Family Search
If you search 1900 NY census on Family Search for Herman Pfeffer, spouse
Lena, you should come up on the right page.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 2/17/2016 12:26 PM, Deborah R Wetlaufer wrote:
A 1900 passenger list indicates that the woman was going to her brother-in-law
"Chaine Chilmanesdorf" who resided at 85 Ridge St., New York, New York.

I searched the 1905 NY Census for 85 Ridge Street and located it (AD 12 ED 6
Images 14-20), but did not find anything close to this name.

I don't get any matches when searching this name. What variations might I try?

I searched on *dorf in Manhattan to see what sound-alike names might
turn up..... The closest were things like Chillendorf Killendorff
Kimmedorf Lamesdorf Landendorf Lamensdorf Seckendorf Schoendorf
Sickendorf Stahlendorf Sussendorf Uhlandorf Vettendorf Weinsdorf
...... "Lamensdorf" seemed like a good bet.

Is there a way to find "85 Ridge Street, Manhattan NY" in the 1900 Census????

I appreciate any tips you can offer.

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