Re: Is "Mindy" a Jewish Galician First Name/JRI-MARRIAGE RECORDS DATA BASE #galicia

Gary S. Friedman <gsfriedman@...>

Thank everyone for their help connecting the name Mindy to its Galician
variants. Using JRI-Poland I now found Mindel FRIEDMAN married in Krakow
in 1887---which would be correct timing for my gf's birth in 1890. Prior
to your e-mails, I would have thought Mindel was male of Mendel.

Is anyone familiar with the JRI-Poland extracts? Am I correct that this is
a female extract record of the marriage? Assuming, I have found a
female/bridal record of the marriage, shouldn't I be able to find through
the same search engine, a record of the male/bridegroom, Israel WURMAN in
the same JRI-Poland data base? When I attempt the search under that name
for the same Gubernia & Provence, I fail to find a record.

In summary, do marital documents produce one record (bride's name only) or
two (bride & groom's names) for each document?

From: Peter Jassem <jassep@...>
To: Gesher Galicia SIG <galicia@...>
Subject: Re: Is "Mindy" a Jewish Galician First Name?
Date: Friday, May 26, 2000 9:42 PM

Gary S. Friedman, Philadelphia, PA, gsfriedman@..., wrote:

My great grandmother is said to be named "Mindy FRIEDMAN" & was born in
Delatyn, Galicia. I have yet to see such a first name in my research. A
great-grandaughter was named after her as "Mindy" born in USA. Is there
name sounding alike which will yield more information?
Yes, Mindy is an English form of a once popular Jewish name Mindla. Other
forms of the same name used in Poland were Mindel, Mina, Mincla, Minka,

Peter Jassem
Toronto, ON

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