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Ben Forman

Hi Genners

I would really appreciate assistance with the translation of a Polish document I
have been provided, it is a document >from 1786 which deals with an accusation of
host desecration against a group of Jewish men, one of who I believe is the brother
of an ancestor of mine in my STILLMAN line.

This document also relates to the other Latin documents in my previous email

Many thanks in advance

Ben Forman
Manchester UK,(currently exiled in London)

searching: BENSON: Hasenpoth/Courland; BERNSTEIN/WEINER: Ylakiai;
CAHN/CAHEN/WOLF: Zuendorf/Bruhl/Lechenich/Ahrweiler; FURMAN: Kaluszyn;
GEVER: Daugavpils/Dvinsk; STILLMAN:Pilica/Ogrodzienec SAWADY: Zavadi,Posen;

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