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Alexander Sharon

Odeda Zlotnick wrote:
Barysaw, Belarus
Alternate names: Barysaw [Bel], Borisov [Rus, Yid], Borysaw [Pol],
Baryssau [Ger], Barysavas [Lith], Barisava [Latv], Borisovas, Borissow,
Barysa Region: Minsk And the town (Borisov, Barysaw, etc.) is 44 mile NE of Minsk.
The surname you have run into could simply mean "of (or from) Borysov"
just like Berliner could be "of or >from Berlin".

Well this is not as simple as you have deducted.
Barysowska suppose to be the name of locality not a surname.

Calgary, AB
Alexander Sharon

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