JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Searching for a Polish town #general

Carlos Glikson

Melissa McCurdie wrote looking for tips to find an elusive ancestral town.
The name referred down the family sounded like "Bobounya or Bobounia
or maybe Borbunia or even Barbunya". Many searches she tried in
JewishGen and elsewhere (plus a first "Search for a Town" I did for
these four variants at JewishGen's homepage ( )
shed no light on the location.

Melissa mentioned the family later lived in Stolpce (Stowbtsy), "about
90kms south west of Minsk" and that "the town if it existed, would
have been somewhere near Stolpce or Minsk".

There is a very useful JewishGen tool for necessary next steps in this
kind of search, and that is why I share the reply with the group...

A new "Search for a Town", this time for Stolpce (the later residence
of the family), identifies Stowbtsy (and alternative names including
Stolpce with the diacritic mark in the L), and supplies its coordinates
(53 29' N 26 45' E ), in today's Belarus, 71 km SW of Minsk.

JewishGen has a Locality Page for Stolpce or Stowbtsy, but its list of
nearby Jewish communities does not include "Bobounya or Bobounia or
maybe Borbunia or even Barbunya".

We have the coordinates of a place presumed to be close to the town?
village? hamlet? that we are not finding. What now?

JewishGen Gazetteer's Radius Search lists all localities within a
certain distance of a location with a known set of coordinates,
up to a 30 mile radius. You can link to the Radius Search tool
directly at
or find the link at the JewishGen Communities Database and JewishGen
Gazetteer page at

Centering the radius search at 53 29' N 26 45' E gives 483
locations within 30 miles of Stowbtsy, ordered by growing distance.
The search form enables to narrow the request only to towns starting
with a certain letter or prefix. There are 34 results starting with a B.
One of them is Bobovnia, Bobovnya, 18.1 miles SSE of Stowbtsy.

Hope it sounds and feels close enough to be the lost "Bobounya or
Bobounia or maybe Borbunia or even Barbunya"!

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Marijampole, Augustow, Sejny,Sopotkin) - ALPEROVICH, ALPEROWICZ
(Kremenchug, Vilnius, Vileika, Kurenetz) - POKROISKY, POKROJSKI,
(Suwalki, Seirijai, Lomza) - TARNOPOLSKY, TARNOPOL (Kremenchug, Kharkov)
FELCHINSKY, FELSCHTINSKY (Kremenchug, Vilnius), KARP (Grodno)

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