JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: How long did things take in c.1905? #general

Martha Forsyth

Ken Packer asks how long sending money, and subsequent travel, took
around 1905. I'll leave the technicalities of how long it took to
transfer money, and to get >from A to B to C, to people more
knowledgeable than I, but I have several suggestions:

1. Family stories....2.5 years is almost certainly an estimate. Take
with a grain of salt!

2. What other details do Ida and Esther's ship manifest show about
them? Did they travel directly >from Rotterdam to (New York or wherever
they landed)? Who was their nearest relative left at home? What was
their last residence, and is there any date associated with it? Were
they coming to join Morris? Was there any notation about where he was
at that time or how long he'd been there? Etc., etc. - there's a lot of
hidden gems in those manifests, and if it was one of the two-page ones,
make sure you get *both* pages!

3. "Brother-in-law Max Roth" - time for another grain of salt. There is
some difference in usage of the term "brother-in-law" in Eastern Europe;
if it was used in the sense we use it, Morris could have been related to
Ida or one of her siblings, as well as to Morris or siblings. Etc.,
etc. I have exactly the same for my paternal grandfather - a
"brother-in-law" listed that we can't find related, either directly or
indirectly, to our family.

4. Don't ever forget that the material on these manifests were written
down by a human being, based on the response of another human being to a
question he may not have completely understood - nor even given a true
answer to.

Good luck! Also remember that "Morris" a name that he used in the US,
but he may well not have travelled under that name. Try Hebrew forms,
try wild cards.

Martha Forsyth, Newton, MA

< snip! > We know
from family stories that after 2.5 years in NYC he saved enough money
to send for Ida, and their one child, Esther who staying back in Russia.
We have Ida and Esther's ship manifest that shows them arriving late
August 1909.

< snip! > ....maybe
finding the ship manifest for Morris. There is a ship manifest for a
Morris Becker, which is very promising until one gets to the fact that
he is going to Rochester to his brother-in-law Max Roth -- no one on our
tree by that name! Unless Morris had a sibling we don't know about.

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