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I am wondering if the name Sheindl would have been shorten to Leya?

Family lore is my great-great grandfather Borukh Peschanker had three wives.
I do not know if all his 7 children were >from the same mother. I do know my
great-grandfather, Zolman was the second or third child. A researcher in the
Ukraine found his birth certificate; the mother listed was Leya. Family
lore also indicates his mother was Sheindl and in fact there are Yahrzeit
plaques in the synagogue in my home town of Regina, SK Canada, one for
Sheindl and the other for Borukh. I do realize it is possible that maybe
Leya and another wife died young and Sheindl raised the children. I just
want to rule out the possibility they were one in the same.

Naomi Finkelstein
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