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Bob Fitterman

If I'm repeating information here, my apologies. I was previously
unaware of the online archive of maps >from the Polish Military
Geographical Institute (1919-1939), or WIG (Wojskowy Instytut

I've been working on a project that required details about towns
throughout the eastern half of Grodno Guberniya during the inter-war
period. The Jewishgen town finder was helpful, but didn't go far
enough. I'd been struggling with Google maps because the town names
are the current Belarusian names rather than the Polish names. A
librarian >from the New York Public Library pointed me to an incredible
online source of Polish maps, the above-named archive. Most of these
are high-resolution scanned maps >from the inter-war period, although
there are earlier maps as well.

The maps are accessible in English or Polish. There are maps at a few
scales. For me, I found the 25000:1 scale maps had substantial details
about the locations of cemeteries, houses, synagogues and other
important features. I also found the 100000:1 maps to be of use. To
get started, visit the page below and look for the links in the left
under the heading "Active Indexes" and choose one of the links in that
section, according to the scale of your interest. Then find the right
map >from that interactive index map and off you go.

Bob Fitterman

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