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Stanley Diamond

Dear friends:

It is with great pride that we share the heartwarming news that
Holocaust Survivor, 112-year old Israel Kristal (Izrael Krysztal) of
Haifa, Israel has been certified as the World's Oldest Man by
Guinness World Records.


Jewish Records Indexing - Poland played the key role in the search for
the documentation making today's announcement possible. Although
Israel Kristal's birth record could not be found (either the register
was lost or the birth was never recorded), JRI-Poland was instrumental
in the discovery of various other documents that provided the conclusive
evidence needed by Guinness to accept Mr. Kristal's 1903 birth year.

For readers with access to Haaretz, you can read the entire story here:

Stanley Diamond, Co-Founder and Executive Director, JRI-Poland
Michael Tobias, Co-Founder and Database Manager, JRI-Poland

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