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Many thanks to everyone who sent me information regarding my recent question
about my cousins who were rejected at the US Manitoba Canada border in 1931,
even though they were US citizens.

Apparently Canada had recently enacted regulation greatly restricting
immigration in response to the Great Depression. PC 695, the code on the
border crossing form, referred to Privy Council Order 1931-695, the number of
that law. The law excluded anyone >from entering Canada unless they were
1) British or US citizens who can sustain them selves until employed (My
cousin had only 3 dollars), 2) wife and minor children of Canadian resident,
or 4) Farmers with means to farm in Canada. Asians were excluded even if they
met those conditions.

The other codes cited on the form referred to Sub Section 3 of the law with
code SSJ for the head of household and SSU for dependants.

More details on this law are at:
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Mary-Jane Roth
Alexandria, VA

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