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Many thanks for allowing me to ask the following question

The family name of STEPHAN (STEFFAN) >from Lampertheim, Hesse. Is there
a Jewish connection? Research has shown that the STEPHAN name is listed
in the Evangelical church but there are no graves there in the church,
were they Jewish?

Other research has shown that in some of the towns/villages all the
births, deaths and marriages were "managed" by the local church.
I found my Jewish family listed in the Evangelical church records
myself and actually photographed it. I was there and saw them
for myself.

So, could this be the reason that the STEPHAN family has no
graves sites because they could have been Jewish, and were buried in the
Jewish cemetery?

This is very curious because as soon as connection is made with the
current STEPHAN researchers, all goes well until the question, Do you
known if there were any Jewish connections?

Suddenly all communications with them ceases. Curious, as there are
stories about the family here in Australia, where Grandpa had a "little hat
on his head".

Also looking into the names of the spouses they sound remarkably Jewish
or is this willful guessing?

Judy Levron
Caulfield, Victoria 3161

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