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Shimon DRECHSLER left Siemiatycz, Poland (Grodno Gubernia) in 1898
for New York. Shimon's brother, Isidore Drechsler followed in 1904.
Within a year or two of arriving, both brothers took the surname
HARRIS. In 1907 and 1909, two nephews (sons of a deceased third
brother) arrived, manifested as Shloime (b. ~1887) and Gershon
(b. ~1900) Drechsler. In the 1910 Census, Shloime became David
Drechsler and Gershon became Irv Drechsler.

I have been unable to track them after that time and believe they
also took the Harris surname.

Do any of the JewishGen readers have Harris family members that
changed their name >from Drechsler or similar?

Would greatly appreciate any help on this one. Thank you,
David Harris

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