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Thanks to the generous genners, who helped me gather some more
information on Icek Isek Szaja KLAINER. (alternative spellings:

Here's all what I know about him:
He was born May 30, 1899 in the village of Ksiag Wielki, Miechow
district, Poland. He was the son of Nuta and Milka Minka Zalcman. He
was married before 1936 to Chaja Altman, marriage not recognized by
the civil authorities. He lived in Lodz, Drewnowska street 24 before
1936, Klonowa street 20 after 1936. He seem to have a brother named
Ignac, living Pilsudski Street 24 in Lodz...
After the war, he was a "displaced person". He lived Pandolfini street
27 in Florence, Italy. There, he received the help of the Joint and
obtained a transit visa by Brazil. Then he arrived in Argentina,
Buenos-Aires, where he remarried, with Laja Smietan. He died March 5,
1986 in Buenos Aires, where he was buried in the cemetery of La
Tablada. I searched in vain for his address in Buenos Aires, for
example in a possible Joint file, that I dont found in . On this last point or others, I
still seeking help.

Many thanks

Daniel Vangheluwe, FRANCE

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