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Meron Lavie

Hi All,

For many years, I have been trying to find the immigration records of my
great-grandfather and his 4 siblings, who originated >from Buchach,
Ukraine (Buczacz, Galicia). They were born >from about 1863-1886 to Izik/Icha and
Matilda. I have some of their naturalization records, but the ships they
mentioned weren't in the US even remotely on the dates claimed as date
of arrival.

Their last name in the US was BINDER. My grandmother (born in the US)
claimed the original last name was BUDNER. Although the written family
information she left was nearly flawless, I have found mistakes here and
there - although I find it difficult to believe she'd get her own
father's original last name wrong. I do know that the oldest brother was a
barrel maker, and someone claimed that that might have been the source of the
name BINDER.

There aren't many records for Buchach available on line. In some of
the few birth records, I have found the occasional family name BUDNER V BINDER.
I do not know what the 'V' means. None of the first names were familiar.

I find it remarkable that I couldn't find the immigration records for
any of the 5 siblings.

Here is the information I have on the 5 siblings:

Joseph BINDER =96 According to naturalization record: b. Dec. 2., 1863,
immigrated Jul 2, 1890, Naturalized Jul 22, 1899. Later census and data =
are consistent with those details.

Nathan ('Nate') BINDER According to the 1900 US Census: b. 1868,
immigrated 1890.

Anna BINDER According to the 1900 US Census: b. 1878, immigrated 1894

Israel (Izzie?) Mordechai BINDER (became Isidore Mortimer BINDER)
According to WW II Draft Registration card, b. Dec 23, 1884. Family lore
says he immigrated when about 13 (~1897). But he does not appear in the
1900 US Federal Census, nor in the 1905 NY State Census. Remarkably, I could
not find his NYC wedding license (1906).

Moshe BINDER (became Morris BINDER) According to his naturalization
records: b. May 15, 1886, immigrated Jun 5 1899 via Liverpool. Other
records are consistent with this. His naturalization record claims he came
on the 'Gallia'. But that ship had stopped sailing to NY years earlier.

I'm really stumped, and would be grateful for any help.

Chag sameach!

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