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ronald Wallace

I am researching a Weis(s)man family who were born in Luck Poland, now
Lutsk, Ukraine.

Anschel Weisman son of Moses Weissman was born around 1871 and married a
Mindel Steinberg. They had 5 children, one of who emigrated to England and I
have all that family's information.

The remaining four, 2 boys and 2 girls remained in Poland and we know that
the two girls married and went to live in Warsaw. Sabina Weisman married
Senia Litvak and Macia Weisman married someone of the last name Kempinski.
We believe that all four perished in the Holocaust, however Macia and Mr
Kempinski had a son Maurice Kempinski who was able to jump >from the
transport taking them to Auschwitz and hid in the woods. He was taken in by
a lady whom he subsequently married and was sheltered for the entire war
period. We know this because he made contact with and visited the English
family in 1971. We also know that Mr. Kempinski Sr. and Mr Litvak were an
architect and a Dentist, but we are not certain which was which.

We have to assume that Maurice Kempinski's wife was not Jewish since she had
sheltered him during the war. We do not know if they had any children, but
we know they were living in Warsaw in 1971

We do not know anything about the two male siblings who were named Israel
and Abraham Weisman. It could be that they also lived in Warsaw before the
war, but we have no knowledge of that.

I would be interested if anyone could point me in the right direction to try
to research the Kempinski family and perhaps how to find out information
from the Warsaw records. If anyone knows of a reliable researcher who could
research these people in Warsaw, I would appreciate any information.

Please reply privately. ronald@...

Thank You

Ronald Wallace
Apollo Beach, FL

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