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Susan Steeble

Rachelle Litt wrote:

"Place of birth on marriage certificate and declaration of intention
says Tovrick ??? Russia, and on the manifest the last residence is
listed as Tamoggen?? Russia and the place of birth as Korna ??? Russia
none of which I can document with certainty in Town Finder or
Gazetter...The manifest in 1901 states that they originated from
Korna??? Russia."

Taurage is an industrial town and county in western Lithuania (which
was part of the Russian Empire at the time your family emigrated). It
is known as Tauroggen in German and Tovrig in Yiddish.

Kovno (in Yiddish, Kovne [what you're reading as Korna]) is the second
largest city in Lithuania and the capital of Kovno gubernia, where
Taurage was located between 1843 and 1915.

Susan Steeble
Baltimore, MD

Romania, France); KESSELMAN (Chorna/Krasny Okni, > NY); KAHAN (Grodno
NY); STUCHINSKY (Yurburg and Taurage); SLUTSKY/SLOTE (Zolotonosha >
NY); BUDIANSKY/BUDINOFF (Korsun > NY); BODNAR (Mihaileni > Israel);
GELBER and SCHECHTER (Bucecea, Tirgu Neamt, and Iasi > Israel)

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