LEVY from London (became LESNIE in US) #galicia

Diane Jacobs <kingart@...>

I am putting out this inquiry as I have possible new
information >from the l881 UK Census (London):

My greataunt DORAH SINGMAN married ISADORE
LESNIE in 1891 in NYC at the age of 21.
On the marriage certificate
his name was ISAAC LEVY. Isaac Levy gives his
father's name as Samuel Levy and his mother as
Ettie Kibber Levy. The family knew he was
a salesmen >from England, so thanks to a kind
jewishgenner in London, I have found the following
entry which matches Isaac Levy's age in l881.

Rosetta Levy, widow age 50
J. Lenny Levy , age 21, cigar maker
Amelia Levy, age 16 umbrella maker
Joseph Levy, age 15, cigarmaker
Isaac Levy, age l0 scholar

All five living at 17 Duke Street, London
All list their birth district as Old Artillery Ground, London
Registration area: Old Artillery Ground, St. Mary's Parish,
Spitalfields, London.

If anyone knows of this family >from the UK, please get
in touch with me.

I would also present this question to those knowledgable
with English/Jewish names. Rosetta is not your usual
Jewish or even English name. Is is possible that she had
two jewish or English names Rose Etta
and that this is the woman whom Isaac Levy named
on his marriage certificate.? Isaac Levy had a daughter
named Ruth Lesnie who lived in
the Washington DC area with him and his son Nathan.
Ruth Lesnie was a lawyer in Washington DC and her
brother was a dentist.

Can anyone also tell me what might Rose or Ruth's Hebrew
name be?

Thanks for reading this long missive and I look forward to
your responses.

Diane Glazer Jacobs
New York

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