Re: Roette and Raizel: #galicia

Abraham J Heschel <binmoses@...>

Diane Glazer Jacobs has asked "Can anyone also tell me what might Rose or
Ruth's Hebrew
name be?"
Rose/Rosa, are usually a secularization of the Yiddish "Reizel" meaning a
Rose. Often it is actually Blima Reizel, and its Hebrew version is
Shoshana. There is also a Yiddish name of Reitza, as well as Reisha. They
all probably evolved >from Reizel, but became totally separate names.
Etta/Ettie are usually Ettel, a very popular Yiddish name. Ruth/Rus is a
Biblical name, the GGM of King David and one of the great heroines of the
Bible. It is I believe an uncoomon name in Eastern Europe but there are
countless exceptions to all Eastern European Jewish "name" rules, as I
have come acros authentic Yiddish names such as "Tuna" (Female name, and
male nickname), Vita (Female name), Bopshe (Female) as well as Biblical
names such as Ovadiah (Male), Kalev (Male) and Shem (Male).

There are lists of the origins many authentic Jewish names in Rabbinic
literature since the exact and proper spelling is mandatory for the
Ketubah and other Marriage certificates. Those who wish further
information on specific names should feel free to contact me privately,
though there doubtlessly are Genners with far greater expertise in this
matter than I.

Abraham J. Heschel

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