JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Dlugosiodlo, Poland records pre-1910? #general

David W. Perle

Hi, all. Does anyone know about pre-1910 records for Dlugosiodlo,
Poland? I was told that they were all destroyed one way or another.
(War? Accidental fire? He didn't know.) But I Googled "dlugosiodlo
records" and the first result is some Ancestry message board entry
from several years ago which indicates no such issue.
That entry includes an e-mail address in Poland which I e-mailed
last night to enquire. (I used Google Translate to send in Polish and
I apolgoized for any errors, but that I was writing in English and
using that feature. I think it works well enough.) But who knows
when/if they might respond?

This is about my PRZEGRODA branch. My great-grandfather's U.S.
naturalization papers say that he was born in Dlugosiodlo in the
1880s. His family's passenger entries in 1920 show that they were
traveling >from Dlugosiodlo. So I'm trying to find my grandfather's
1909 or 1910 birth record, perhaps his siblings' birth records as
well, their parents' marriage record >from around 1903 or so, perhaps
my great-grandmother's birth record if she was born there, etc.

Right now I'm not even sure of of my great-grandmother's maiden
name, so hoping that their marriage record exists which will tell me

(Yep, I've checked JRI-Poland! And I e-mailed them but that only
led to my being told that pre-1910 records don't exist despite what
else I found?

David Perle
Washington, DC

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