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I have also just returned, though I was over the border in the Ukraine, the
guide/driver/translator (Polish/Ukrainian/Russian/English) is a history
major, professional genealogist, and specializes in primarily Jewish
genealogy. Anyone that is interested let me know. What I thought would be a
very difficult trip into the Ukraine, was actually quite easy, with smooth
border crossings, comfortable lodgins that are very reasonable, and the one
incident with a drunk quickly handled with a judo hold since our guide was
familiar with martial arts and was ex-army, traveling all over FSU (former
SFU) and eastern block countries (Russian is a handy language for this). We
visited 2 Ukrainian archives, yielding 33 new records on the same day of the
visit, and an inquiry is being worked with a 3rd archive, >from the 1st
archive. We met people >from the village my grandfather was >from that knew
the family. They showed us the house, we were invited in for coffee, we
were shown three cemeteries and the old synagogue, which is for sale. In
addition, the Ukrainian city has a special relationship with the Romanian
city that also has records, and is coordinating that retrieval for us. I do
not think we could have accomplished so much with out his existing base of
contacts, and his ability to add new ones quickly.

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I just returned >from my second trip in 6 months to Poland. Krakow was my
base and I utilized an excellent driver/guide who lives in Krakow. If
anyone is interested in a recommendation, please contact me privately.
BTW, this person is NOT a genealogist, nor can he do research for you by

Jeff Cymbler

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