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David W. Perle

Hi, all. I posted recently seeking information on pre-1910 birth, marriage, and
death records for Dlugosiodlo. Despite that I had just been told that they don't
exist, wound up finding them!

However...I'm not seeing my family, PRZEGRODA. I've been trying to find the
Cyrillic version in the records. However, if there was a variation >from the
"Przegroda" spelling, that may explain why I'm having issues. (Another thing could
be that my family wasn't exactly living in/>from that town, but perhaps nearby? But
the passenger records as well as my great-grandfather's naturalization records do
indicate Dlugosiodlo, so I'm really emphasizing that in my search right now.)

It seems likely that my great-grandfather was born in 1885, but--amazingly--the
birth index seems to go >from N to R, skipping both O *and* P?? (In Latin letters,
not in the Cyrillic letters used there.)

I'm wondering if anyone more familiar with Cyrillic might be willing to take a look
at these scanned pages for a few years if I were to give you the location, see if
you notice anything?

David Perle
Washington, DC

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