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Here is my dilemma....I have started to search for information on my
maternal grandmothers' side since she is one of 11 children. One of my
great uncles, Israel F. Goldberg was killed in action in WWI body never
recovered. I thought I had finally found his birth certificate, however,
it came back 4 years off. According to the 1892, 1900, 1910 federal
census, and 1905 NY census, and his draft card he was born in 1888.
However his birth certificate states January 1892 and is stamped
February 1892. I do believe this is his certificate because of his
mother and father's name, father's occupation and the street they were
living on at the time are all correct. I realize that being one of 11,
although he was one of 7 at the time, and so long ago, people couldn't
remember when they were born but this has happened frequently with this
large family.

Which birthdate should I use? Unfortunately, another of his siblings died
young (15), 2 never married, 2 married and only had 2 children, 2 never had
children and 1 got lost somewhere - can't find him anywhere. All of these
siblings also have mixed birthdates and ages.

Joan Silverman

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