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Phyllis Kramer

John Berkeley posted: A 1946 application for a Czech passport/traveldocuments gives
birthplace (rodiste)as Vnikov. None of the usual sources I've tried recognises this
place name. Can anyone please help?

As we all are familiar with, the map of eastern europe changed radically in the
19th and 20th centuries. Another interesting tidbit is that kov means metal in
Czech, and many towns include it, as the area is still known for its steel.

so i looked on the gazetteer and community pages and found:

Vitkovice, now in the Czech Republic at 4949/1816...
170 mi E of Praha (prague) which I think is the most likely had a
Jewish population even when it was part of Moravia and Austria before WWI...

Happy Hunting!
Phyllis Kramer,NYC & Palm Beach Gardens Fla
VP, Education

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