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There are two Jewish cemeteries in the immediate Scranton, PA area - the
large one in Dalton several miles out of the city, with several thousand
burials and currently in use; and a much smaller and older one on Providence
Road inside the city, with fewer than a thousand burials, the latest of
which appears to have been in the early 1950s. Many years ago, the Amos Bnai
Brith Lodge in Scranton did a restoration project, which they documented
online, including a "complete" list of burials and a number of photographs
(but I know of two infant burials not on the list). In addition, some of the
burials have sketchy information recorded on the website, e.g. missing
surnames and other key information.

Alas, the website and the organization appear to have gone missing a few
years ago, although I can retrieve the website pages via the Wayback Machine
(a.k.a. the Internet Archive). I contacted BB National and the contact they
gave me did not respond. It would be great if the burials could be
transferred to JOWBR, but I would want to contact the organization that did
the restoration to see if they could (1) provide the photos and (2) give the
go-ahead to copy their information. The professional photographer whose
contact information on the defunct website also has not yet responded.

I'm looking for anyone with contacts in the local Bnai Brith chapter, or any
knowledge of this project. Another researcher and I are willing to redo the
JOWBR work, but it would be great to save ourselves the trip and the time if
possible. I have already mined the data into a spreadsheet and I am editing it.


Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ

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