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I've hit the wall. If there is anyone out there who has any
suggestion or information about my research, please contact me,
Michael Diamant,

What follows is a synopsis of my research on the ALEKSANDROWICZ family.

Meir (Max) WEISSBERG, b1856 in Bukaczowce, Galicia was my great great
uncle. His brother Selig Weissberg was the father of my father's
mother, Regina Weissberg.

Meir lived his most of his adult life in Stanislawow, Poland (now
Ivano-Frankivsk, Urkaine). He and Chane GOLD had four children, Jozef
Karol, Frydryka, Klara and Wilhelm, all born in Stanislawow.

Jozef, b 1887, moved to L'viv, wrote under the name Jozef
BIALOGORKSKI, lived at Bema Street 12, while working as a clerk in the
taxation office.

Wilhem, b 1897 probably died in infancy.

Klara, b 1893 married Adolph LAX (LACHS) >from Rzeszow, Poland). No
children and they died in the Holocaust.

Frydryka, b1892 married Alexander Aleksandrowicz (a banker), in 1916
in Stanislawow. They had three children, Lidja (b 1915), Irena (b
1917) and Norbert Gustav (b 1917). All three children were born in
Vienna. Irena and Norbert were twins. Following their birth, the
family lived in Alexander's home town, Lipnik, Bielsko-Biala,

And this is where the trail ends.

Thanks to anyone who can help me.

Michael Diamant

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